New Gender Pay Gap Report

tl;dr: The databases now have their own full section on my server – Gender Pay Gap Portal

New Website Area

When I set up this page on my website last year, I had to work around a number of tricky limitations and ended up having to insert custom code into WordPress to display the data the way I wanted to. This worked pretty well for just one year, but once I tried to expand things, I kept running into the fact that it would just be better to build something more custom. Over the last short while, I’ve spent time doing just that. It’s all the same data, displayed as it was before in searchable sortable tables, but with a number of improvements.

The new site has the full 2022 database, and I’m building the 2023 database at the moment. There’s also a form where you can submit reports with their info directly, to help me build 2023’s dataset more quickly.

This new sub-site will let me keep expanding the dataset, and hopefully expand to include some visualisations of data, comparisons, etc.

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