Inclusive Programming

Inclusive design starts from the ground up.



Email your representatives about Facial Recognition Technology

In light of the recent riots in Dublin, Helen McEntee is calling for an expansion in the use of facial…


What we owe to each other

I attended a talk recently about migraine, and included in the talk was a demo and a quick blurb about…


Facial recognition is terrible at recognising faces.

If you’ve ever used a Snapchat, Instagram, or TikTok filter, you’ve probably used facial recognition technology. It’s the magic that…


On Gender Quotas

The Citizens’ Assembly has today voted for a program of reforms on gender equality in Ireland, including some recommendations around…


Have you ever been told that your name is incorrect?

Your name is one of the first things you say to people you meet, it is how you present yourself…


Actually inclusive engineering

I want to talk about ethics, diversity, and inclusion in engineering, how we often miss the mark, the impact that…

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