New Gender Pay Gap Portal

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New Gender Pay Gap Portal

If you’ve been on my site before, chances are you’ve seen the link in the menu to the 2022 gender pay gap database. When I set up this page on my website last year, I had to work around a number of tricky limitations and ended up having to insert custom code into WordPress to display the data the way I wanted to. There wasn’t a plugin (or three) that I could use to load the data from a database and allow for it to be searched, updated, etc. easily.

I found some ways to make it work for the first year, but then the government announced that they would not actually have a portal for 2023 either, and that they didn’t have a clear date for when there would be a portal available. I started to try and expand my existing setup, and ran into many of the same issues as last year, compounded by the fact that I was trying to manage and display two different sets of data. I kept running into the fact that it would just be better to build something more custom. Over the last week or so I’ve spent time doing just that. It’s all the same data, displayed as it was before in searchable sortable tables, but with a number of improvements.

The new site has the full 2022 database, and I’m building the 2023 database at the moment. There’s also a form where you can submit reports with their info directly, to help me build 2023’s dataset more quickly (and any future datasets too).

This new sub-site will let me keep expanding the dataset, and hopefully expand to include some visualisations of data, comparisons, etc.

If you appreciate what I’m doing here and want to help, one of the best ways you can do so is to use the form on the new site and submit links to any company’s gender pay gap report, and ideally pull out the headline figures for me.

Watch this space for updates as the 2023 database grows!

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