A bit more experience

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A bit more experience

At one stage, a company I worked for had a major transition of version control versions, and internal tooling. A number of teams had to be trained in Git (a version control tool), and also an internal UI development framework.

At the time, I was something of a Git guru. I had been working in tech for several years and already had a few development jobs under my belt. When people on the floor had problems with their commits, it was my desk they came to, and I could almost always help them resolve their issue. I was pretty fluid in Git command line commands and I could usually get the commit back into shape without people having to abandon the commit and start again.

I volunteered my time to help with the training effort. I’d never travelled for work before and I thought it might be fun and interesting, good for the CV.

My scrum master pulled me aside to let me know that I probably wouldn’t be going, they were looking for someone with a bit more experience. They sent a guy who had just been hired as full time after completing his internship with us.

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