That’s just how it worked out

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That’s just how it worked out

There are often reshuffling of teams when you work in tech. Projects come and go, budget changes, and you may find yourself with a new scrum master, team mate, or manager without very much say in the matter.

I had moved departments internally but ran into an old scrum master at a coffee machine. He told me about a team reshuffle that had just happened (which I was already aware of) and how it “just happened” that all the female engineers were on one team together, and all the male engineers made up the remaining teams.

He told me about how he was pretty interested to see how it worked out, if the all-female team did better than the guys, etc. I think he told me this because he thought it sounded progressive. It did not.

I already knew about this team reshuffle because, separately, two of the women had sent me messages, wondering if they were alone in thinking it felt wrong or weird or sexist. How does it “just happen” when teams are reshuffled by all the managers talking?

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